1. Are prescription drug monitoring programs associated with changes in fatal and nonfatal overdoses? Authors of Annals @DavidSFink et al review: .

  2. ICYMI Don't miss Jade R. Blue's on Finding the Funny in Diagnosis and Surgery 

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    As HIV-infected adults in the U.S. live longer, are they vulnerable to specific kinds of cancer? Get the perspective of @CarlosdelRio7 @AnnalsofIM 

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    Physician burnout in the EHR era

    Are physicians burning out because they are inundated with non-physician tasks?

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    An interesting piece on whether EHRs are serving us well

  5. Authors of Annals @ldowningmd @DBatesSafety @calonghurst present data comparing EHR use in other countries with that in the US and offer possible explanations and solutions to dissatisfaction with EHR .

  6. Do you talk to your patients with dementia about access to ? Learn more in this article from Annals by @admccourt [email protected] that dives into clinical considerations for firearms and : 

  7. We want to hear your thoughts on treatment targets for type 2 diabetes. Visit  & 'Submit a Manuscript' tab to find out how to submit a brief commentary by May 30. Submissions will be considered for publication in July…

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    New from @NCIEpiTraining in @AnnalsofIM: projected cancer incidence & burden in U.S. HIV+ population through 2030. Implications for targeted screening, treatment, & prevention 

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    4 steps to decreasing burnout in the EHR era

    1 Simplify regulations on documentation requirements
    2 NLP & voice recognition
    3 Team-based approach to documentation
    4 Pts contribute to documentation

    My 2 cents: Let's also design for users needs 

  10. A systematic review in Annals on association between prescription drug monitoring programs and nonfatal and fatal drug overdoses by @DavidSFink et al. 

  11. and are expected to be the most common cancers by 2030 among aging population .

  12. Should you be talking to your patients with dementia about firearms? access to latest in Annals: Firearms and - Clinical Considerations .

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    Electronic health records are driving doctor burnout, but there are ways out of this abject failure. One is to reboot the standards of what's in the note  @AnnalsofIM by @ldowningmd @DBatesSafety @calonghurst

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    Terrific @AnnalsofIM piece by @ldowningmd @DBatesSafety @calonghurst – highlights role of excess documentation requirements (rather than pure design problems) in MD unhappiness over  Key paragraph & figure below: